Underoath, Silverstein, Anberlin, Saosin, Alexisonfire, Scary Kids Scaring Kids


Left to right:

Matt Foreman - Guitarist, Backup Vocalist
Matt Evans - Vocalist
Fletcher Archerd - Guitarist, Vocalist
Jason Randolph - Bassist, Backup Vocalist
Ben Zwicke - Drummer

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Hailing from Minnesota, Arms for Elephants are known for bringing a fresh new sound to post-hardcore. Lead by their duo-lead vocalist combo, they showcase melodies that are heartfelt, along with lyrics with a cause. Instrumentally, they find a way to combine many of the classic motifs of their genre in a way that stands out as a truly unique sound.

Arms for Elephants has worked hard to build an online fanbase as well as hitting the road for three national tours. Their most recent tour was The Extreme Tour. Arms for Elephants released their debut EP "Identities" in 2014.  This was followed up by the full length album "My Judas Scene", which received very positive reviews and was featured in HM Magazine. Arms For Elephants has now released a follow up EP titled "All Rise”, as well as a music video for “The End of a Rope”.

Press Reviews

“..My Judas Scene portrays a band that is bristling with the potential to alter the perception of Christian post-hardcore bands.”

  - SA Music Scene

 “..The layered vocals and meaningful lyrical substance are of noteworthy strength, but the ability to transfer from a searing, thundering rhythm section to clean vocals and piano easily trump anything their peers are doing. If outfits like Alexisonfire, Underoath, and Anberlin struck a chord with you, find and consume.”

  - New Noise Magazine

“..One of the first bands I’ve seen with a truly original sound in the genre in years, their music is relatable, is heavy when it needs to be and, most of all, you’ll find it stuck in your head for days!...The thing about this album is that it finds a way to keep you interested and stay relevant during a time where the genre has been overrun by autotune, electronics and the same old boring breakdowns. The dynamic between primary vocalist Matt Evans and guitarist/vocalist Fletch Archerd is absolutely breathtaking.”

  - New-Transcendence

“..There are plenty of elements a post-hardcore fan would enjoy – catchy choruses; passionate vocal performances; piercing screams and guttural growls; and guitars that stretch from both jarringly dissonant to soaring and melodic.”

  - HM Magazine

“..Reminiscent of bands such as Underoath, Silverstein, and Anberlin; Arms For Elephants brings to the post-hardcore scene a heartfelt message: music and lyrics that resonate. My Judas Scene is a collected, thoughtful album that takes into consideration instrumental significance as well as lyrical importance – the duality makes for powerful, and chilling tracks that are emotionally fulfilling pieces of music.”

  - HalfBeat Magazine

“..Arms For Elephants’ My Judas Scene is lyrically genuine and musically engaging. A well-polished post-hardcore album that runs in the same vein as Saosin or Scary Kids Scaring Kids...My Judas Scene‘s instrumentation is rock-solid: a rhythm section with a perfect sense for when to ease back, give the perfect accent, or dive in full power; guitars that slash, and soar, and coax us along through My Judas Scene; and vocals that fortify and complete each song’s structure.”

  - Giants in the Sound

“..I have to admit that I was a bit confused the first couple of time I listed to ‘My Judas Scene’.  Are they a metalcore band like UnderOath? Are they softer alt-Christian like Anberlin?  Or are they a modern alt-worship band?  It probably wasn’t until my third listen through that I finally started to see that the answer was a little of ‘all of the above’. The boys deliver a positive encouraging message for people of any faith in need of a good ‘pick me up’, in a diverse package that is bound to resonate with a broad audience.”

  - 100% Rock Magazine

“If I had to choose one word to describe Arms For Elephants’ new album, My Judas Scene, it would be ‘stunning’…My Judas Scene keeps listeners on their toes, as no two songs sound the same. The clean vocals are captivating, and the screams are aggressive and emotional. All of that on top of incredible guitar work throughout the entire album creates ten songs that are sure to hit home with listeners.”

  - Prelude Press

“With ten tracks on this immensely powerful album, it is impossible to pick a favorite. There is a mix of hardcore songs and softer songs, clean and unclean lyrics, but every song is incredibly emotional. This album is a heavy one for sure with some extremely honest lyrics, but it also offers hope, positivity and encouragement. Arms For Elephants creates “music with a cause.” Whatever you are going through, these songs are relatable and sincere. This album is definitely worth checking out and perfect for fans of Underoath and Anberlin.”

  - Underdog Press